To learn the truth about a hosting provider’s capabilities you may need to delve into their history and reputation further than you’d like. With ICO, our confidence in our services and meeting our deliverables means you get total transparency every step of the way.

If you are looking for a hosting provider that cuts through the jargon and tells you how things really are, ICO is the company to choose. A reliable infrastructure isn’t built on false claims, or blinding clients with science. A reliable infrastructure is built on a mutual understanding between the provider and client, the most resilient and flexible solutions, and meeting the exact needs of a business now and in the future. 

When it comes to Bandwidth and Data, it’s critical that you know exactly what you are getting and what these terms mean. At ICO we speak in plain English and give you the facts about our services and what you can realistically expect. That means no false promises, no ‘geek speak’ (unless you want it) and no pushy sales techniques. 

Unrestricted 100Mbps Guaranteed

Our triple redundant links are capable of 1 Gigabit speeds and because they connect to ‘carrier grade’ Tier-1 providers your link is not restricted by traffic from telecoms services or any other upstream service and we absolutely do not shape or throttle. That means your connection to the Internet from your ICO infrastructure is 100mbps guaranteed. We don’t place any artificial restrictions on our switches so you can use as much bandwidth as is available. We also guarantee that your server will give you 100mpbps of burstable headroom on the main link.

Bandwidth and Data - The Myths Busted

It’s important to understand a little about the difference between Bandwidth and Data. Many hosting providers are simply interested in hitting sales targets and will offer many promises of ‘free data’ and ‘free downloads’ that are not worth the paper they are written on. These providers will often overcrowd their connections (shape and throttle) resulting in poor network performance and high risk of downtime and total outages. A promise of data is not a promise of performance. 

Technically speaking, there are quite a few distinct differences between Bandwidth and Data. Bandwidth applies to the volume of data that could be transferred per unit of time, whilst data transfer relates to the volume of traffic generated from your website. 

We give you huge amounts of bandwidth to cope with demand together with automatic failover to our secondary and tertiary Tier-1 networks in the event of any network issues. 

The ICO Promise

It’s important when choosing a hosting provider that you get the facts. From the very start you’ll be clear on our services, policies, SLAs and future development plans so that you can make an informed decision about your business infrastructure. 

If you have lost or are losing confidence in your current provider, don’t wait for a catastrophic outage to happen. Making the switch to ICO could be the best decision you make for your business this year. We help you to break free of false ‘unlimited data’ claims and to take advantage of dedicated servers, virtual servers, private clouds and high availability infrastructure that offer ‘clean and clear’ network links with robust failover capabilities. Get in touch today to make that switch. 

We only choose the most reliable and innovative bandwidth suppliers; pioneers in the industry offering the highest quality, reliable bandwidth available. You get exactly what you pay for when you choose ICO together with outstanding support, flexible services, and the latest in hardware and software technology. 

Get in Touch 

We have invested highly in our services and continue to do so, giving our customers the benefits of the latest established and emerging technologies. An infrastructure built by ICO is an intelligent infrastructure that offers flexibility, reliability and redundancy you can trust. 

If you would like to find out more about our Bandwidth and Data rates or any aspect of our network infrastructure, please get in touch. We offer a plain speaking approach leaving you in no doubt about the capabilities of our network, our promises to your business and the prices you’ll be charged. 

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From the moment we signed our hosting agreement, I sensed we had (at last) found a company that 'walks their talk'. Communication was clear and the ICO team had our server up and going with everything we needed quickly. The response when I called with questions about our migration path was enthusiastic and helpful, and I received email follow-ups that really made me feel comfortable.

Colin Boyan

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We take your hosting seriously. That's why our guarantees below are in writing, in plain English and easy to find. Just like every statement we make and price we publish on our website. We believe in total transparency.


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