ICO provides Virtual Dedicated Servers that help you manage your costs, streamline business functions and improve productivity across your infrastructure. The risk to your business is eliminated thanks to our robust solutions, high uptime and expert knowledge.

At ICO we offer a comprehensive range of Virtual Dedicated Server solutions that can be scaled to your exact business needs. From single to multiple high performance servers we can tailor your virtual environment accordingly. When you are looking for a hosting service that gives you SLAs on uptime, a dedicated support team and cutting edge technology, it's time to turn to ICO.

Why Choose a Virtual Dedicated Server?

ICO Virtual Dedicated Servers are a superior alternative to dedicated servers due to the inherent failover capacity built into our infrastructure. Virtual Dedicated Servers also enable companies to cut costs without any detriment to performance or uptime. You are free to choose the virtualisation technology (either VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V) and operating system, and we give you full administrative rights to your own server. Upgrades are easy to arrange and we give you access to 24x7 support and assistance.

We use the latest hardware and software together with stringent redundancy and uptime policies that will ensure your server is always available to both your support team and your clients. Why not speak to us today to find out more? We can give you a cost effective quote tailored to your requirements and tell you more about the benefits of a virtual server environment.

Developing a virtual environment in-house takes up a lot of time and resources, not to mention the costs of acquiring new hardware and arranging appropriate training. The risk to your business could be huge especially if you are relying on your virtual environment to handle your key business functions.

Easy Upgrades and Dedicated Support

ICO recognises that your needs as a business may change at any time. For this reason we give you the freedom to request upgrades whenever you need them. Working closely with you, we will determine your needs and create additional space, memory or servers to best cater for your requirements now and well into the future.

We also offer you 'live person' support. This means there will always be a Level 2 Support Engineer at the end of the phone should you need assistance. Your issue will be managed efficiently and escalated if necessary to ensure a swift and satisfactory resolution.

Our consultants can give you all the advice you need to choose the right virtual solution that will drive down costs and increase performance and productivity.

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Throughout the implementation of Hyper-V the ICO Support Team have been outstanding. They are always there when needed and have been able to provide great tips on how to improve the performance of our server environment and reduce costs.

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Bandwidth and Data

Here are three important connectivity questions you should ask any potential hosting provider:

  1. What is the size of your Internet link/s?
  2. How much headroom do you have in this link/s?
  3. What is the size of the connection from my server to this link?


The days of complacency are over and many servers (and the data centres they are in) now require the highest levels of physical and technical security.


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