You can't afford to stop trading should one server fail or natural disasters occur. With ICO Disaster Recovery plans in place, you don't have to. We offer a range of Disaster Recovery solutions designed to keep your business infrastructure running should the unexpected occur.

Business disruptions, whether in the event of a natural disaster or other unexpected incident, are something which must be taken seriously. Having a thoroughly thought out DR solution for your business is no different to having the most suitable insurance plan. With the right Disaster Recovery solutions in place, there is no reason why your business needs to miss a beat.

Like many other redundancy schemes, our DR/BC solutions offer a 'standby' strategy ready for activation in the event of an emergency. Whether you need an entire data centre primed and ready, or just a single server, we can assist.

Keep Losses to a Minimum

Our Disaster Recover solutions are designed to keep your business running when disaster strikes without significant losses. We'll have you back up and running within the recovery times stated in our SLAs and ensure your recovery points are restored efficiently. We focus our services on securing your data, keeping your critical systems online and ensuring complete data integrity and recovery.

ICO offers a range of Disaster Recovery plans, including the one we use for our own business. Should our Managed Service Centre building suffer major damage, we can move operations in an instant. We have the technology in place to make a seamless location switch ensuring we can continue to support our own business and yours with no effect to service.

We Offer:

Option 1: Standard DR

This is the ICO Managed Backup where your data is held securely offsite on tape and includes either full image or individual file/folder restore capability.

Option 2: Enhanced DR capabilities

Cold, warm and hot replication environments. Depending on your industry, regulatory body requirements, or your business needs, we can create a solution to ensure that your business continues to run.

Option 3 - Geographically dispersed

ICO DR solutions can be designed across multiple geographically dispersed Data Centre locations for the ultimate protection of your business.

Option 4: Custom

ICO DR solutions can be designed to suit individual client recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO).

Experts in Business Continuity and Recovery

We can also assist you with a Disaster Recovery plan for your entire infrastructure. We help to fill in any gaps that might trip you up in the event of a disaster and give you smart solutions that will ensure efficient and seamless failover and recovery. We’ll assess your business completely especially those critical systems, areas and employees you can’t do without and formulate a plan that ensures top priority in getting these resources back up and running. Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Get in touch with our team now to find out more about our many solutions for disaster recovery, redundancy and resilience across your entire business.  

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I can't praise the staff at ICO highly enough. I would be happy to recommend your hosting to anyone. You make bold promises on your website and then actually deliver on them.

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Virtual Dedicated Servers

ICO Virtual Dedicated Servers are the serious alternative to ‘premier’ shared hosting plans.


Bandwidth and Data

Here are three important connectivity questions you should ask any potential hosting provider:

  1. What is the size of your Internet link/s?
  2. How much headroom do you have in this link/s?
  3. What is the size of the connection from my server to this link?


24x7 Live Support

When it comes to real emergency problems, problems that stop a business, ICO is there to fix the problem and ensure that you are back up and running.


Red Hat Linux Hosting

With our team of Red Hat Certified Engineers and Red Hat Certified Technicians, ICO provides 24x7 expert support for your ICO virtual dedicated server.


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