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Your business relies on systems that function perfectly. Our 24x7 support teams are committed to ensuring your systems are protected from major malfunctions or outages, and are available around the clock. 

When it comes to reporting a problem, we know that our customers want to speak to a real person in real time to get real results. We know they don’t want to be impeded with endless web forms, on-hold music, or support tickets that sit in an endless queue, and that’s just the type of customer service we go out of our way to avoid. 

Live Support Anytime

You can call our support team on 02 8873 8999 any time of the day for emergencies, whether it’s in the early hours of the morning or last thing at night.  There will always be a live technical engineer waiting to take your call and deal with your problem in a professional and timely manner. We have the mechanisms in place to ensure the right priority is set for any issue we receive. That means emergency issues are escalated quickly and that you are kept informed of progress every step of the way. 

One to One Support from our Expert Support Technical Team

Our support team care about your business. They are not call centre drones trained to follow a script to reach a resolution. We give you one to one access to a dedicated support engineer trained to deal with any fault and who will ensure you are kept in the loop. We also have a team of specialists on standby so in the event of a fault with the network or a more complex piece of kit, we can escalate the call and know it will be handled quickly and to a satisfactory resolution. 

Many problems can cause a total outage, but thanks to the resilience and redundancy we have built into our servers and network solutions a complete system outage is very unlikely. However, our support teams have been trained to deal with any problem that could possibly occur and can troubleshoot any issue quickly so that a resolution can be found without delay. If you are experiencing a problem or need some advice, give our support team a call on 02 8873 8999.

Our Support in a Nutshell

  • Support 24x7x365
  • Immediate response from a ‘live’ technical engineer
  • Dedicated one to one support
  • Excellent communication whilst your issue is being resolved
  • And the best thing, it’s all included in the price

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