Let’s talk about 100% uptime. You’ve probably seen many suppliers’ websites and literature brandishing this term together with promises of zero outages. But is 100% uptime actually possible? The short answer is “No”. Not many things in life can be guaranteed 100%. 

We’ve partnered with many clients over the years helping them to mitigate risk and improve the services they offer their customers. Using a range of proprietary software tools, network and server expertise, and a solid support framework, we have developed a service we can be proud of and one that will drive your business forward.  

'Five Nines' Uptime

ICO can promise you uptime of 99.999% or ‘five nines’ service as it’s called in the industry. We give you access to systems where the odds of failure are reduced to the point where they are statistically insignificant. Our failover and redundancy systems are primed and ready to kick in the moment they are needed. Call us today to find out more about our uptime statistics and how your business could benefit. 

You may be surprised to discover the actual difference between five nines uptime and 3 nines uptime. For example 99% in everyday life is very near to 100%, however, in industry terms there is quite a difference as explained in the table below:

Uptime Availability

Maximum Downtime per Month

99.999% (5 Nines)

26 seconds

99.99% (4 Nines)

4.32 minutes

99.9% (3 Nines)

43.2 minutes


Unique Uptime SLAs = Minimal Risk and Optimum Performance

We give you unique and reliable uptime SLAs that promise instant detection and correction of outages and other issues that could affect availability of your services. Whilst many companies give SLAs on network uptime only, we look at the bigger picture and include critical services like power and air conditioning. After all, what use is a network without power, and how long will hardware hold out without adequate air cooling? Our services ensure minimal risk for your business and high availability for your infrastructure. 

Failsafe Network Solutions

When it comes to the ICO network, we’re not talking a network switch here and a few cables there. We’re talking robust network solutions that result in serious network availability. Before deciding on a network infrastructure we looked long and hard at the available options, spoke to a number of suppliers, and tested a range of hardware and software solutions.

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