Steve Daniel – Nova Employment

"I can't praise the staff at ICO highly enough. I would be happy to recommend your hosting to anyone. You make bold promises on your website and then actually deliver on them."

Michael Petty – Web Whisperer

"Our move from in-house servers to hosted with ICO was a great move. Tech Support excellent - friendly, highly competent and prompt and our tech support costs have decreased substantially. We don't have to worry about CAPEX and replacement issues. The regular back-up regime is another problem we don't have to concern ourselves with, and on the several occasions we wanted to recover a file the turnaround was better than expected."

Tom Dighton - GF Associates

"Since moving our hosting to ICO we have been impressed by ICO's Support. The few problems (and there are always a few problems with any web environment) have been resolved effectively by working with the ICO Support team. We value and appreciate the support and commitment of the ICO Support Team to keep our server running 24 x 7, as expected by our customers. They are always available in an emergency."

Steve Martin – Maintenance Connection Australia

"ICO have provided us with a very reliable service over the past few years and have been very helpful whenever we have needed to change or add to our server configuration. As our company has grown and our requirements have increased, we found that the costs associated with server platforms and supporting the systems was increasing. Our ICO Account Manager discussed the Microsoft Hyper-V solution with us and explained that it could provide us with several benefits over our existing architecture.

We reviewed the proposed solution and agreed that the Hyper-V solution would allow us to increase our individual server specifications and also created a more flexible expansion path in the future, while reducing our current costs.

We have been able to implement the Hyper-V solution and transition our existing servers to the new architecture without any significant disruption. During the process we were able to upgrade our SQL Server and Windows Server licenses on the new Hyper-V platform so that we can provide an enhanced service to our customers in the process.

This was all made possible by ICO allowing us to maintain both systems during the implementation. ICO also assisted with the assigning of domain names to our new server IP addresses to again improve our service to our clients.

The whole process went very smoothly, delivered a more flexible solution and reduced our business costs in the process. We are very happy with our decision and look forward to a long working relationship with ICO."

CV Check – Colin Boyan

"I'd like to take the opportunity to write to you briefly about our experience. Last weekend was our 'cut-over' from our in-house servers at CV Check to our new hosted virtualized environment with ICO. As the 'IT Guy', the buck obviously stops with me and we have had our fair share of challenges over the last 12 months. Many of these have been because we have been badly let down by support companies that were supposed to be managing the status and configuration of our production servers. Instead of relieving me of the task of managing the servers, I found it was actually more work to manage the guys who were (not) doing the job.

To be honest we have considered moving to ICO for more than a year. However making the jump to a data centre was a little intimidating. I was worried about how our application would perform, whether our response times or page load times would suffer, and most of all, whether I'd be able to cut over to your environment without interrupting our web-based business.

I had read the page on your website addressed to IT Managers and your words resonated strongly with me...but after our recent experiences I was crossing my fingers (big time) that the experience would live up to the promise. Well, from the moment we signed our hosting agreement I sensed we had (at last) found a company that 'walks their talk'. Communication was clear and your staff had our server up and going with everything we needed quickly. The response when I called with questions about our migration path was enthusiastic and helpful and I received email follow-ups that really made me comfortable with what we were doing.

Over a weekend we finally cut across and we needed to get our DNS configured to point to our new server. I called ICO Support and spoke to a very helpful and friendly person (who to my surprise actually thanked me for my call!) and was asked several pertinent questions before the Support person got our primary domain and redirection from our secondary domain completed. He even took some time to find and explain the best way for me to do a permanent redirect from one domain to the other on our server.

Everything was working great...then I received a follow-up call later that afternoon just to check I was happy. And another email on the Monday morning following up again. What a contrast! We certainly chose the right company and I can finally sleep soundly at night knowing that our company is in good hands. 

Please thank all of the staff there who have been involved. Given our experience to date I am anticipating a long and happy relationship with ICO.

Finally, our application is even more responsive now on your servers. We couldn't be happier!"

Luke Atherton - Maintenance Connection Australia

"ICO have played an important role in helping us to maintain an outstanding level of service to our customers by providing a consistently high level of support for our hosting requirements. The friendly staff and the knowledge and experience that they contribute, free us from the day to day tasks of server management, allowing us to concentrate on other aspects of our business."

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